Staffing for Clients

At IT Connect, it’s all about finding the perfect fit for our clients.

Whether you represent a small business or a large corporation, IT Connect is your partner in addressing staffing requirements. Our expertise spans the fields of information technology, engineering, finance & accounting, nuclear, and manufacturing industries. We are dedicated to guiding you in making the most strategic decisions for building your team.

To enhance the attraction of the perfect candidate, our account managers will collect information on crucial aspects such as desired skill sets, the hiring process, ideal personality types for the position, department size, travel requirements, testing prerequisites, and more. Subsequently, the IT Connect recruitment team will meticulously sift through the data, conduct a thorough screening process, and individually interview each candidate. Only after completing our comprehensive evaluation and assessment will we present you with candidates who align best with your requirements.

Below is a list of the service offerings that IT Connect provides to clients:

Direct Hire

A 90-day guarantee is offered with each direct hire placement. Our clients are not billed unless a candidate sourced by IT Connect is hired.


IT Connect will search out a contract-to-hire employee, payroll them, and then keep them onsite until a hiring decision is made.

Contract Staffing

IT Connect will search out a contract employee with the appropriate skill set needed for the length of a project. IT Connect will payroll the contract employee and keep them on site until the completion of the assignment or until the contract employee is offered full time employment with the client.

Note: IT Connect never charges any additional fees after the client hires a contract or contract-to-hire employee after they have worked at a client site for 6 months.

Payroll Services

If you have identified a candidate that can assist you on a temporary basis, we can add this candidate to our payroll as well as offer benefits. In addition to the candidate being paid on time, the mark up is minimal to the client.

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